Ausplant Nursery together with the Peanut Company of Australia brings you Peanuts that can be grown in the home garden.

Fantastic fun for the whole family. Whether you like your Peanuts raw, roasted, boiled or as Peanut paste. This tough plant is surprisingly easy to grow and is a great summer crop for your vegie patch or a pot plant on a sunny patio.

HEALTHY:  Peanuts are full of protein, natural fibre and have a low glycaemic index. In fact they’re “Natures Protein Powerhouse”. PCA is the sole producer of Hi Oleic Peanuts in Australia and the only internationalproducer with 100% purity assurances.Hi Oleic peanuts are naturally bred cultivars with a fatty acid combination similar to oliveoil, ie with more monounsaturated fatty acid. This composition provides greater stabilityfor a longer shelf life and improved performance as well as providing health benefits.  For more information on the amazing health benefits of Peanuts visit

PLANTING : Plant your peanut plants 20cm apart in well drained soil or potting mix. Small clusters of yellow sweet-pea like flowers will appear on stems called pegs. The pegs will grow down and push into the soil - this is where your peanuts will grow.  It’s important to keep the plant moist to avoid severe plant stress especially during the last 30 days of growth.  After planting, it takes around 120 days to produce your peanut crop.

HARVESTING : Are they ready yet ? Push your finger into the soil near the base of the plant, when you find a pod slowly pull (if it breaks from the peg easily this is good). Open the pod, if the peanuts are white and watery looking leave for another couple of weeks. Dig the entire plant including the roots from the soil. Remove the fully formed peanut pods and discard the rest. Peanuts can be eaten fresh, otherwise they need to be dried rapidly to prevent spoilage by micro-organisms.  Discard any mouldy or discoloured peanuts.

Try these delicious recipes with your very own home-grown peanuts...

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