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What started as a hobby propagating native plants later became a wholesale nursery specializing in plants suitable for areas where frosts, drought and heavy soils are common. Ausplant Nursery was started in 1983 by Damian and Janelle Cumming and then joined by their son Brady in 1991. Ausplant Nursery is now owned and operated by Brady and Rachele Cumming who are proud to continue the family tradition of growing quality plants for the Nursery and Landscape Industries.

The nursery was designed and built by Damian on the outskirts of Dalby Queensland. Even though the design goes back 20 years, the original concept included all of the water retention and efficiency requirements that are now becoming environmental regulations. At all times we have used best nursery practices and modern concepts. The nursery is established on 10 acres and employs 22 staff including owners.

The original aim was to propagate, grow and supply local and inland retail nurseries with plants to suit our conditions. We grow many frost and drought tolerant plants and have also introduced many new species to the area.

Ausplant now grows a wide range of plants to suit all areas from the coastal strip to far inland Australia. Ausplant Nursery ships weekly to Queensland and New South Wales.

Ausplant has strived to produce a wide ranging variety of high quality plants and to serve our customers with prompt delivery. With these goals in mind, the nursery has continued to grow to where the current year will sell over 600 000 plants.

Ausplant Nursery Dalby Queensland, grower of quality plants to retail and landscape sector