Citrus Selection

Lemon MeyerCitrus limon Meyer

A vigorous, smaller growing, bushy, evergreen shrub with sweetly scented flowers and almost all year round crops of medium sized, rounder, thin skinned, yellow fruit.

It produces an abundance of juice which is less acidic and slightly sweeter in taste. Tolerates cool conditions and mild frosts.Makes a fantastic pot specimen or can be grown in small or large gardens as part of a backyard orchard.

LemonadeCitrus limon Lemonade

The Lemonade variety originated in Australia in the late eighties. It is now widely grown in backyards throughout Australia.

The fruit looks like a lemon, but can be eaten straight from the tree, just like a mandarin or orange. It’s a lot sweeter than a lemon with a refreshing tang. It truly has to be tasted to be appreciated. It makes a refreshing drink when juiced.

The tree is an upright grower that produces an abundance of fruit, ripening mid winter. Be the envy of all your friends when they sample this unusual fruit, that can’t be purchased at the fruit shop.

Lime Tahitian – Citrus latifolia

This is the most popular lime tree. Produces delicious juicy seedless limes that are often picked small and green, when they are stronger in flavour. Alternatively they can be left to ripen on the tree to a light yellow colour, when they become their juiciest. Limes are a great alternative to lemons in all forms of cooking and taste great in beer. The tree is a medium grower with a lovely dense branching habit, making them ideal for the garden or a pot.

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