Vitis spp.

Backyard Treats - Grape selection vitis spp.

Numerous named varieties of grapes are available from Backyard Treats, each unique in favour, fruit colour, maturity and other qualities, including seed or seedless characteristics.

A vigorous, deciduous climber, the fruiting grapevine produces an abundance of hanging clusters of sweet, juicy fruit over the summer and autumn period. The large leaves will also provide a useful screen or shade over a pergola or seating area. Grapevines prefer a moist, well-draining soil rich in organic matter.

Pruning and training of grapevines should be undertaken to encourage maximum fruiting capacity. Support will need to be provided in the form of trellis, fences or along wires set at regular intervals. Prune vines in autumn once foliage has dropped, removing the majority of the previous season’s growth.


  • Autumn Royal
  • Black Muscat


  • Crimson Seedless
  • Flame Seedless
  • Red Globe


  • Gold
  • Menindee Seedless
  • Sultana (Thompson Seedless)
  • Waltham Cross
  • White Muscat

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