Backyard Treats - Dwarf Mulberry

Deciduous Fruit Tree ~ Water Moderately

Mulberry Selection - Morusnigra and alba

Not many plants offer so much to the grower while demanding so little in return. Mulberry is one of the fastest growing temperate trees, producing an abundance of excellent fruit every year and is virtually pest and disease free.  It is one-half responsible for the finest fibres known to man, ie. silk, can be grown nearly everywhere that has soil. Also features large dark green foliage that turn yellow in autumn, making the tree an attractive specimen for large gardens.

Mulberry Black

  • Large elongated, richly coloured fruit ripens from red to black
  • Grows 8-12m in height
  • Ideal for jams, preservatives and desserts

Mulberry Black Dwarf

  • Same fruit as the Black Mulberry and an early heavy cropper of delicious flavoured berries
  • Grows to 3m in height when pruned after fruiting
  • Ideal for backyards and pots
  • Great for jams, wines and mulberry pies

Mulberry White

  • Clusters of small white to pink, edible fruit
  • Grows 8-12m in height
  • Ideal for smoothies, pies, pancakes, muffins and other desserts

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