Mango “Kensington Pride”

(syn. “Bowen”)

A large, evergreen tree bearing crops of medium-sized fruit featuring light yellow skin with a slight blush ready for harvesting in summer. The deep-orange fleshed fruit is delicious, soft and juicy with a sweet aroma. Fruit can be eaten straight from the tree, dried or used in salads, juices and chutneys.

Grows best in a tropical or sub-tropical climate in moist, well drained, humus-rich soil. Select a warm north facing position protected from cold winds in spring during flowering. In cool districts protect from frost in first 2-3 years. Young trees should be protected from harsh sun.

Watering is essential during flowering and early fruit set. Pruning is essential in cool areas for consistent cropping. Snap off young flowers when 5-8cm long. Branches will reflower when warmer and pollinate better.