Banana Selection

Musa Sapentum


We have a wide variety of bananas available through our Backyard Treats range, all with their own shapes, flavours and other characteristics.

It may take 2 or 3 years for the first fruit to be produced but after the fruit has been harvested the main stem should be cut down. The retained sucker will replace it as the main stem and the process is continued indefinitely or until the plant has moved so far from its original position that it has to be replanted. Remove dead leaves regularly.

Bananas require deep, rich soil which is well-drained, in a position which is in full sun for most of the day. A position close to a north facing wall is ideal. They require protection from cold winds and frost.

The fruit is ready to be harvested once the bananas lose their ridges, become more rounded, and when the black withered remains of the flowers at the end of the bananas are dry and crumbly.


  • Everybody’s favourite healthy snack
  • White creamy flesh
  • Stem height: 3-4m

Cavendish Dwarf

  • Stem height: 1.5-2m

Lady Finger

  • Drought hardy
  • Long shelf life
  • Sweet creamy flesh
  • Stem height: 3-4.5m

Pisang Ceylan

  • Very attractive plant
  • Creamy texture
  • Delicious flavour – like sweet green apples
  • Stem height: 3-4.5m

Dwarf Red Dacca

  • Small, very sweet fruit
  • Creamy texture
  • Skin colour changes from burgundy to orange
  • Flesh colour is pale orange-pink
  • Stem height 3-4m

Biosecurity Zones

If you purchase one of our plants, please be aware that this plant must not be moved outside its biosecurity zone. Queensland has several biosecurity zones for different pests and diseases. You need to know the boundaries of the zones to know whether you are affected by the zone restrictions.
Failure to comply is a breach of the Biosecurity Act 2014, penalties apply. DO YOUR PART TO PROTECT OUR AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIES. For more information go to –